The Timberman is a USAT sanctioned race. A USAT race official will be in attendance.  

Your body will be marked with your race number on Otis's Grill deck Saturday morning. A number for your bike will be provided in the race packet. Runner’s number in an unaltered form and clearly visible, must be worn in FRONT of the body. Disposable timing chips will be provided in your packet.  

Each swimmer must wear official cap as provided in race packet. 
Wet suits are permitted provided the water temprature is legal (below 78 degrees). The course will be patrolled by water safety certified personnel in safety vessels and medical personnel will be on shore. Swimmers may hang on to a boat or a pontoon to rest without disqualification.  Keep buoys and line of pontoon boats on your right. Super sprint turnaround will be the first set of orange buoys. Sprint turnaround will be the blue buoys. International will be the final set of buoys. 8:00 am the first wave goes off. 

Each competitor is responsible for ensuring that his/her bicycle meets the minimum safety standards required.  Cyclists are responsible for their own safety and for compliance with traffic laws on the cycling course and are solely responsible for the consequences of any infracture. Cyclists are expected to heed directions and instructions of race officials.  
ALWAYS ride on the right side of the road.  HELMETS approved by ANSI or Snell are required during the bike race. They must be on your head with chin strap fastened securely any time you are on your bike before, during and after the race. PLEASE NOTE: Handlebars need to be plugged at ends.
No individual support vehicles or assistance by anyone is allowed. Water bottles are provided and there are no aid stations on bike course. Timberman is a no- draft race. Drafting is defined as the maintenance of a static position to the rear (within three bike lengths) or to the side (within 6 feet) of another cyclist or vehicle. Exemptions to the drafting rule are: (a) when passing a cyclist if done within 15 seconds, (b) when the cyclist is required to reduce speed for safety reasons (e.g. weather, traffic control) or to receive aid, and (c) on curves or turns of 90 degrees or more. 

Immediately after exiting the bike corral runners  stay to the right of the road while on resort property. After leaving resort property runners stay on the left side of the road (please avoid returning runners). On returning to resort property runners stay on the right side of the road to the finish chute. Runners must wear official race number on the course at all times. Numbers must be placed in FRONT of the body. Runners must make sure their official printed race numbers are visible to timing volunteers at the finish line. No support or escort runners are allowed. This is an individual event. Receiving help results in disqualification. There will be three water stations on the long run course, two on the short. The running course closes at 11:30 a.m. Police protection ends at this time. 

Teams may be 2 or 3 people (Sprint and International course only). Relay swimmers tag off to team cyclists in the designated relay team area in the bike corral. Cyclists then return to the designated relay team area to tag off to the runner. The timing chip has a velcro strap so the chip passes from one team member to another for each leg.

Registered racers and official race personnel are allowed in transition areas. Transition area should be completely clear of race gear by 12 noon, as security ends then. Security will be provided, but race organization is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. 

No one is allowed in the transition area, except registered racers and transition area officials. 
Course marshals and the head official have the ultimate and final authority to remove a participant from the race if the participant has violated rules of the race. Medical personnel have ultimate and final authority to remove a participant from the race, if, in their judgment, the participant is physically incapable of continuing the race without sustaining physical damage or loss of life. 
USA Triathlon rules reign. Protest must be filed at the finish line in accordance with USA Triathlon. 

Timing splits are as follows: Swim: at exit from water at beach Transition time: swim to bike Bike: at exit from transition area (start of run course) Transition time: bike to run Run: at finish line 

Per USAT rules: No participant shall wear headphones or any sound producing device during the race (results in disqualification). 

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